Photo of Jason

Jason Frye

Digital Products & Services Manager

Jason turns ideas into code. He manages the web projects for the Digital Services team, as well as the server architecture and maintenance. He’s adept at PHP, especially the Laravel framework, but also turns to Javascript and a number of frameworks to flesh out sites. He earned his Bachelor’s from the University of Illinois in 2004. Since then, he’s helped over a hundred small businesses reach online audiences through unique sites and applications.

Photo of Lyncoln

Lyncoln Delporte

Web Designer

With an award-winning background in graphic design and illustration, Lyncoln applies his talents and ever-growing skill set to creating professionally designed websites. He is ready to hit the ground running with WordPress, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Photo of Tyler

Tyler Jackson

Digital Support Specialist

Tyler handles some of the day-to-day operations in the department. Monitoring and updating websites, training clients, handling support inquiries, building Amazon Echo skills, or building automation tools, Tyler finds ways to bring additional value to projects. His knowledge spans over 16 years of being in the digital space.

Photo of Danyelle

Danyelle Clements

Marketing Assistant

Danyelle manages internal social media presence, promotions and campaigns. She specializes in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram content creation and writing. She also assists with outside clientele when needed. Danyelle obtained her Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Parkland College. She then received her Bachelor’s in Public Relations at Illinois State University.