Social Media Management Information

NGM Edge understands the importance of maintaining an engaging social media presence. We offer a personal consultancy in which we will discuss your company’s goals and objectives for social media, and discuss which social media channels may be right for you and your company.

Social Media Experts

Want brand recognition? More likes or followers? Engagement? Our experts in digital marketing know the ins and outs of all social media channels. We are trained to know how all platforms operate and are always up to date on any updates these platforms may have. Our digital marketing consultants work with you to develop an overall campaign goal or call-to-action for your company. This includes all copy and media involved with posts. We even develop a social media calendar (based on research) that let you and others know the best days and times that we will post on your behalf. Additionally, we monitor all social media channels daily so you don’t have to!

Social Media Packages

NGM Edge currently offers five social media marketing packages:

  • Facebook, with the addition of one of the following social media packages:
    • Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.
    • Page setup and administrative structure
    • Custom cover photo and profile photo
    • Advertising strategy
    • Profile (biography, mission, etc.) SEO optimization
    • Vanity URL
    • Duplicate page/location clean up (up to 5 pages)
    • 5 Posts/Month
  • Yelp Account Management
    • Account creation
    • Custom profile photo
    • Reviewing photos and content that would appeal most to you and potential reviewers
  • YouTube Account Management
    • Account creation
    • Bi-monthly video uploading
    • Comment management
  • Snapchat Account Management/Geofilter
    • Account creation
    • Advertising strategy
    • 10 posts per month
  • Snapchat Geofilter
    • Custom designed geofilter unique to your company
    • 1 day geofilter campaign
    • Audience/location marketing strategies