Cloud Based Web Hosting

Cloud hosting offers reliability, speed, and peace of mind to you and your business. We run daily backups, manage the server infrastructure, so you can get down to business.

Local Support

There’s no call centers or long wait times. We are here in your community and able to meet with you face to face to guide you through the challenges of operating a website.

Email Services

Get the personalized email addresses that suit you and your business. All hosting packages allow for mailboxes and aliases with your domain name.

Know who visits your site

Every month NGM Edge sends a detailed report letting customers know how their site performed for the previous month. Want to know how many unique visitors or search engine visits your site had for the previous month? This report includes all that information at no extra cost.

Site Security

The web is rapidly moving towards security for all websites. We take care of that for you, with a site certificate that’s installed and maintained as part of your hosting package. We take the worry away from your visitors, so they can fill out the forms and purchase with confidence.

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